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  • Our longterm goals are to understand the genetic bases of production, health and wellbeing traits in cattle and to improve selection and management of livestock. Our research leverages investments in the production of reference genome sequence assemblies that were part of earlier NRSP8 project cycels. In this project, we will produce a comprehensive map of cytosine methylation across cattle tissues. Changes in methylation are fundamental to cellular processes and regulation. We will use the functional annotations collated in this collaborative research project to characterize economically relevant phenotypes in cattle. Improved knowledge of gene content and functional elements in the genome will underpin many hypothesis-based studies designed to understand the biological bases of phenotypic variation. We will present summaries of our research finding in course work for undergraduate and graduate students, in peer reviewed publications, and at conferences and outreach events for cattle producers.

date/time interval

  • 2019 - 2023