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  • The rapidly changing nature of the cybersecurity landscape underscores the need for trained professionals who are prepared to efficiently identify and mitigate new threats. The Cyberinfrastructure Security and Education for Professionals and Students (CiSE-ProS) program adopts well-established teaching and learning practices to provide in-person and online training avenues for practitioners to develop core competencies in secure computing relevant to advanced cyberinfrastructure. CiSE-ProS works with an international consortium of professionals in research computing, academia and workforce training to define a common standard for certification. Evidence-generating learning activities are designed around concepts utilized in cybersecurity. These activities include hands-on exercises with computing clusters in both laboratory settings and virtual reality environments. Scoring schemes developed by CiSE-ProS help evaluate a participant?s effectiveness at achieving the desired learning outcomes. Overall, CiSE-ProS aims to have a significant impact on cybersecurity preparedness and as stated by NSF''s mission, it will help promote the progress of science and advance the national security.The CiSE-ProS project will be implemented through continuing education programs, and as a new cybersecurity minor along a cyberinfrastructure track at Texas A&M University. At its core, the project increases awareness of cybersecurity issues in research computing and actively prepares participants from a variety of backgrounds for productive cybersecurity careers. Learning modules, virtual laboratories, and the cybersecurity minor developed by CiSE-ProS can be adapted by other institutions to support various learning levels. The project will leverage an academic-industry partnership to train more than 400 undergraduate students in STEM+C, through a combination of workshops, e-learning and community engagement activities. The training program will implement a wide range of activities including a community workshop, a series of hackathons, a set of workshops aimed at delivering core technical competencies in cybersecurity, online learning modules, and integration of those curriculum as part of a cybersecurity minor program at TAMU. The training program will develop core competency in a number of areas including system and data security/privacy, how to set up secure computing and data directories, secure networking, secure remote access, auditing maintenance for secure data, intrusion testing, and secure cloud-based computing environments. By engaging stakeholders during the development process, project intends to increase the likelihood of widespread adoption of CiSE-ProS materials by academic and professional communities.

date/time interval

  • 2017 - 2020