An Integrated, Inter-Regional Approach to Breeding Multiple Market Classes of Peanut for Enhanced Productivity and Sustainability under Water Deficit Grant uri icon


  • We will pursue an integrated approach to develop improved peanut varieties with tolerance to water deficit, incorporating additional traits needed for a successful variety. A three-state team will focus on evaluation of runner, Virginia, and Valencia breeding lines. This will be accomplished through the following: 1. Evaluate existing populations from Texas A&M AgriLife, New Mexico State, and the USDA-ARS in GA, of market types comprising the majority of US peanut production, and developed for tolerance to water deficit stress. Materials will be evaluated for yield, shelling characteristics water deficit and full irrigation, along with disease resistance, and oil chemistry.2. Incorporate DNA molecular markers for selection in certain populations for needed traits, or to assist in continued breeding efforts.3. Develop and employ new sensor technology methods for irrigation scheduling and management for more uniform screening, and testing as a measure of water deficit stress tolerance.

date/time interval

  • 2017 - 2021