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Chew, Boon Professor and Head


Research in our laboratory is focused on the role of functional food bioactives in modulating immune response and in the prevention of age-related chronic diseases. Specifically, we study how food bioactives such as carotenoids and polyphenolics can alleviate inflammation-induced chronic diseases such as diseases such as mammary cancer, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, and urinary tract infection. In addition, we are interested in understanding how functional foods serve as prebiotics in promoting intestinal health. Research models used include human clinical trials, various large and small animals, and in vitro cultures. For example, we have shown that carotenoids possess anti-tumor action by reducing the production of reactive oxygen species, modulating apoptotic genes, inhibiting angiogenesis, reducing various inflammatory biomarkers, and controlling inflammation-related gene products.

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  • Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor and Dean