Kim, Young-No (2005-11). A web-based timesheet tool for the design studio. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • This research is related to time management and the use of timesheets in architectural design education. It focuses on the role of Web-based timesheets in the architectural design studio. The main purpose of the research is to explore whether Web technology is helpful in increasing compliance with time documentation and can determine which student behaviors and habits can be observed with Web-based timesheets in architectural design education. In time management, using timesheets is a common method to analyze time usage. However, a traditional timesheet is usually focused on the investigator's (teacher or employer) perspective. Therefore active participation is hardly expected and data analysis is not easily offered to participants as useful information in real time. To overcome the identified problems, Web technology may be useful. For this research, a pilot software tool was developed and tested in design studios at several grade levels. Research was focused on empirical observation to determine which student work patterns and behaviors can be observed with a Webbased timesheet tool. The Web-based timesheet tool was successfully fielded in the design studio and the utility of the Web-based timesheet tool was observed. By analyzing the collected data from the experiments with this Web-based timesheet tool, it was possible to observe various work patterns and behaviors and to develop insights in the students' design process. Analysis of log data gave interesting insights into students' work patterns and design behaviors. Web technology was helpful in increasing the value of the timesheet in architectural design education.

publication date

  • November 2005