Dixon, Daniel M. (2009-12). A Methodology for Using Assistive Sketch Recognition For Improving a Person's Ability to Draw. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • When asked to draw, most people are hesitant because they believe themselves
    unable to draw well. A human instructor can teach students how to draw by encouraging
    them to practice established drawing techniques and by providing personal and directed
    feedback to foster their artistic intuition and perception. This thesis describes the first
    methodology for a computer application to mimic a human instructor by providing
    direction and feedback to assist a student in drawing a human face from a photograph.
    Nine design principles were discovered and developed for providing such instruction,
    presenting reference media, giving corrective feedback, and receiving actions from the
    student. Face recognition is used to model the human face in a photograph so that sketch
    recognition can map a drawing to the model and evaluate it. New sketch recognition
    techniques and algorithms were created in order to perform sketch understanding on
    such subjective content. After two iterations of development and user studies for this
    methodology, the result is a computer application that can guide a person toward
    producing his/her own sketch of a human model in a reference photograph with step-bystep
    instruction and computer generated feedback.

publication date

  • December 2009