Academic Careers Workshops for Underrepresented Participants Grant uri icon


  • Texas A & M University will organize, conduct, and evaluate the Academic Career Mentoring Workshops for Underrepresented Participants annually in 2013-2015. During years 2014 and 2015, partial support will come from the institutions of the junior faculty. The Academic Career Mentoring Workshop series targets mid-level faculty, junior faculty and senior graduate students from the following underrepresented groups: African American, Hispanic, Native American, and People with Disabilities. The goals of this workshop series are to mentor underrepresented junior faculty about the tenure and promotion processes, launching a successful research program, writing solid research proposals, and encouraging senior graduate students to enter the professoriate. The proposed Mentoring Workshops will include cultural issues with respect to topics such as Starting a Research Program, Networking, and Navigating the Tenure Process. Further, the panelists will be asked to address issues such as "Maintaining One''s Identity & Culture" and "Overcoming Misconceptions." The series includes such discussions to address frustrations unique to faculty and graduate students from underrepresented groups. The Academic Career Workshops for Underrepresented Participants complement the existing CRA-W Workshops, which focus on gender, and CRA Workshops, which do not target particular issues faced by women or ethnic minorities.

date/time interval

  • 2013 - 2017