Zhu, Feng (2006-10). Carrier envelope phase stabilization of a femtosecond laser and iodine spectroscopy. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • The carrier envelope (CE) phase of a femtosecond laser was stabilized. The laser produces an ultra stable comb of frequency spanning the visible region and basically is an optical frequency synthesizer and ready for the frequency domain applications. In this context, the CW stability of the Ti:sapphire laser is discussed to provide a procedure for the femtosecond laser adjustments. In addition, the pulse trains emitted by the femtosecond laser are described analytically to provide a theoretical basis for carrier envelope phase stabilization. An f to 2f interferometer was used to detect the carrier envelope offset frequency, and a fast photo diode was employed to measure the repetition rate. Two similar designed phase lock loops are used to stabilize both the carrier envelope offset frequency and the repetition rate to the respective reference frequencies. The stability reaches 100mHz for the carrier envelope offset frequency and 10mHz for the repetition rate for a period of up to an hour. Doppler free iodine saturation spectroscopy was set up to provide a precise frequency reference to which a CW dye laser can be locked on. The near future goal is to accurately measure this frequency stabilized dye laser with the optical frequency synthesizer.

publication date

  • August 2005