Investigation of Fish, Food Webs and Flow Regimes in Fluvial Ecosystems Grant uri icon


  • This project will examine how river flow regimes influence ecological patterns and dynamics, especially with regards to food webs. Field studies will be conducted on major rivers in Texas where stakeholder groups and state agencies are working to identify environmental flow regimes, and in tropical countries where rapid population growth and economic development threaten fisheries production and biodiversity. Outputs from this project will be a series of datasets and scientific reports that advance our understanding of the fish, community, and ecosystem ecology of fluvial ecosystems in Texas and tropical regions of the world. While adding to the body of fundamental scientific knowledge, the information within these datasets and reports also will be used by stakeholder groups and natural resource agencies dealing with biodiversity conservation, fisheries management and estimation of environmental flow regimes.

date/time interval

  • 2017 - 2022