Nelson, Fletcher Chris (2004-05). Ecology of Owens Valley vole. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • Little current data exist concerning the status and ecology of Owens Valley vole (OVV; Microtus californicus vallicola), despite its California Department of Fish and Game listing as a Species of Special Concern. No formal studies have been undertaken to understand the ecology of OVV or other small mammal species occurring in
    mesic-vegetative communities in Owens Valley, California. I investigated the relative abundance of small mammal species in mesic-plant associations of Owens Valley, OVV distribution, and OVV use of vegetative types as habitat. Low OVV capture rates decreased the efficiency of systematic trapping surveys. Live trapping and sign surveys yielded contradictory results. The distribution of OVV was associated with irrigation and microhabitat features such as waterways, fence lines, and brush patches. The distribution and use of vegetation types by OVV was similar to that of the California vole (M. californicus).

publication date

  • May 2004