Rees, Jennifer Anne (2013-05). Energy Recovery Ventilator Membrane Efficiency Testing. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • A test setup was designed and built to test energy recovery ventilator membranes. The purpose of this test setup was to measure the heat transfer and water vapor transfer rates through energy recover ventilator membranes and find their effectiveness, with air conditions that resemble residential use. Two test chambers were constructed with different channel heights above the membrane; one was 1mm and the other 2mm. The 2mm setup gave measureable results, but small air leaks in the system of 7.0% and 6.2% left room for error. The 1mm setup also had air leaks but they were smaller than the 2mm setup, with leak rates of 1.0% and 5.1%. The permeance of the membrane was found to be 2.58x10^-5 g/(m2*s*Pa) for the 2mm test chamber and 9.90x10^-54 g/(m2*s*Pa) for the 1mm test chamber.

publication date

  • May 2013