6th International Conference of Quantitative Genetics, Brisbane, Australia. Grant uri icon


  • This project will support theSixth International Conference of Quantitative Genetics (ICQG6) that willheld virtually due to COVID-19from November 2-12, 2020. The conference will address priorities of USDA in Animal Health and Production and Animal Products and in Plant Health and Production and Plant Products. Quantitative genetics and genomics methodologies have immediate practical application in the genetic improvement of plants and animals. Quantitative genetics is concerned with traits for which variation between individuals is controlled in part by DNA differences between individuals. Quantitative or complex traits are important in agriculture (e.g. yield traits, disease resistance). New genomic technologies of the last decade have generated data on an unprecedented scale, both in terms of numbers of phenotypes and sample sizes. Quantitative genetics methods are now applied to phenotypes measured at the level of individual cell types. Past ICQG meetings have been recognized for bringing together researchers united by their methodological research but with applications across plant, animal, human, model, and natural species. At ICQG6 activities across the breadth of quantitative genetics will be reviewed providing opportunities to think out-of-the-day-to-day-box, allowing attendees to see how methods developed for other applications may be relevant to their own work.Outcomes from the conference will be an exchange of knowledge between the fields represented. In the longer term, these will translate into new methods applied in new settings, with likely economic gain across livestock and crop applications. ICQG6 also has a strong focus on mentoring opportunities for early career researchers.

date/time interval

  • 2020