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Kamal, Khaled Assistant Research Scientist


I have acquired cellular and physiology experience and a research collaboration network inside and outside the United States, providing me with integrative in vitro to ex vivo and in vivo approaches to study musculoskeletal biology. my research focus on understanding mechanotransduction, redox biology, muscle-tissue communication and crosstalk, and gene therapy/drug development with the long-term goal of elucidating the mechanisms governing ROS in skeletal muscle atrophy and damage pathways and the potential therapeutic targets of chronic muscular disease (e.g., neuromuscular disease (DMD), T2 diabetes, Aging, and spaceflight disuse). I am leading projects funded by NASA, FightMD, and PPMD, focusing on understanding skeletal muscle atrophy and pathology damage in spaceflight and Duchene muscular dystrophy (DMD). Currently, I have proposals under review at NASA, NIH, and other organizations. I am excited about completing my research agenda in space biology and human physiology, skeletal muscle, redox biology, and inflammation.

With experience teaching and conducting research at Texas A&M University, I have mentored aspiring research scientists in space life science, cellular and molecular biology, and musculoskeletal biology while teaching courses in exercise physiology and signal transduction.

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