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Tzortzakis, Stylianos Professor


Dr. Tzortzakis' expertise lies in the field of intense ultrashort laser pulse interaction with matter and he has a broad experience in the following domains:

- Nonlinear interactions of intense femtosecond laser pulses with matter

- Advanced shaping in space and time of light with applications in materials processing

- Nonlinear laser propagation phenomena - filamentation

- Integrated photonic circuits in the bulk of transparent solids

- Quantum and complexity physics with photonic lattices

- Intense tunable THz sources and THz nonlinear Optics

- Tunable THz metamaterials

- Environmental/atmospheric physics

His research team deals with both fundamental science aspects as well as technological applications. The polyvalent nature of their laser facilities allows studies in cross-disciplinary science including physics, chemistry, materials science and bio-medicine.

HR job title

  • Professor