Ramyaa Rathna Kumar, FNU (2021-07). Considerations for Real Time Data Analysis Using Multiple Magnetometer Sources for GIC Studies to Improve the Situational Awareness of an Electric Grid Model. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • This thesis aims to effectively utilize actual historical and real-time data to enhance electric grid model knowledge by reconstructing GMD scenarios. Magnetic and electric field data used for the analysis are generated and calculated from Texas A&M Magnetometer Network (TAMUMN). Days of GMD activity (G2, G1) during the past year are selected to reconstruct events with similar data on a synthetically developed version of the Texas electric grid with 7000 bus network. Upon integrating the data to a simulated power system model, the impact of geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) can be determined. By performing certain power system analysis techniques, the most affected regions, magnitudes of maximum current at substations and the transmission lines with the highest activity can be obtained. This is greatly useful for planning purposes and studies as it directs the user to focus on a specific section of the grid model and works toward strengthening it.

publication date

  • July 2021