Wang, Michael Wei-Lueng (2007-09). An ab-initio analysis of bimetallic oligoaniline molecular junctions. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • The electron transport characteristics of Oligoaniline molecular junctions terminated with thiol-ends are analyzed with the density functional theory and the Green's function approach. The molecular junction consists of an Oligoaniline molecule attached to metal electrodes at each end. By applying an electric field, the molecule conducts a current that depends on either the molecular conformation or the ionization state. Ab initio optimization methods are performed on various Oligoaniline systems to analyze how different conformational changes are associated with different conductivities. The density functional theory and Green's function are used to calculate the density of states, transmission probability functions, and current-voltage calculations for each Oligoaniline system to complement the results from the molecular analysis. An inelastic tunneling spectrum analysis is also performed through frequency calculations to examine the different characteristics of each conducting state. Molecular orbits of each conformation was used to investigate further the relation between structure and electrical properties of the molecular junction. The combined results from the different calculations provided insight into the possible mechanisms for electron transfer throughout the junction.

publication date

  • September 2007