Leveraging bright spots in the operation of rural hospitals to help other communities Grant uri icon


  • This grant supports a team at the Texas A&M Rural and Community Health Institute in conducting case studies of approximately nine "bright spot" rural hospitals, with the goal of informing policymakers and health care leaders about health care transformation that may work well in other rural communities. This grant is a follow-up to earlier work with ARCHI, which first examined issues contributing to rural hospital closures in Texas and then conducted case studies of three "at risk" Texas hospitals. The project will be co-funded with two Texas funders: Episcopal Health Foundation and TLL Temple Foundation. The nine bright spot hospitals (hospitals in rural communities that are successfully operating and adapting to health and health care transformations) to be selected will include a mix of Texas hospitals and hospitals in other parts of the country.

date/time interval

  • 2019 - 2021