Hayes, Hanna Bea (2012-07). An Examination of Cultural Values and Employees' Perceptions of Support on Affective Reaction and the Desire to Participate in a Formal Mentoring Program in an Oilfield Services Corporation. Doctoral Dissertation. Thesis uri icon


  • Many researchers have examined the effect of formal mentoring on job satisfaction and organizational commitment. However, there has been little or no focus on an employee's intent to participate in a formal mentoring program based upon an employee's perceived organizational support, and/or affective reaction (job satisfaction and organizational commitment). In the current study, the researcher examined the relationship among cultural values, perceived organizational support (career and psychosocial support), affective reaction (job satisfaction and organizational commitment), and the intent to participate in a formal mentoring program in an oilfield services organization. A 44-item electronic survey was utilized to collect data. The questionnaire was sent to 831 Field Engineers 1 (FE1's) in forty-two countries within an oilfield services organization. The sample included 341 respondents. Descriptive statistics, Cronbach's alpha estimates for reliability, factor analysis, correlation analysis, regression analysis, path analysis, and structural equation modeling were the analyses used in the study. The researcher posited that cultural values amongst the FE1's do not differ significantly; moreover, the cultural values do not influence the FE1's perceived organization support. Further, it was found that FE1's perceived support (career and psychosocial) and affective reactions predicted the FE1's intent to participate in a formal mentoring program.

publication date

  • July 2012