Trzaskos, Jacob David (2017-05). Photothermal CO2 Reforming Of CH4 by Concentrated Sunlight. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • Anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions have reached record-high concentration levels. These gases are known to affect global temperature. It is crucial to investigate methods of anthropogenic greenhouse gas reduction. Currently, combustion of fossil fuels is the primary cause of human-produced greenhouse gases. While methods are being investigated to replace or modify these combustion systems, this will only impact future greenhouse gas production. In order to reduce concentrations of these gases currently in the atmosphere, chemical reforming is needed. This study will investigate the effect of concentrated solar on the dry reforming of methane with carbon dioxide by synthesizing a suitable catalyst and testing within a custom experimental setup. Non-conventional Hydro-Thermal Synthesis was used for the catalyst. X-ray Diffraction, Ultraviolet-visible Spectroscopy, and Scanning Electron Microscope experiments were used to characterize the catalyst. Additionally, Platinum, Ultraviolet Deposition, and In Situ reduction were used to enhance the catalyst. Results from the study show reduced Pt coated AgNbO3 produce inferior levels of product gases compared to more conventionally used catalysts. Stability was enhanced by post fabrication treatments. Additional treatments are needed to enhance carbon removal to prevent rapid degradation.

publication date

  • May 2017