Strawn, Nathaniel Kirk (2009-05). Geometry and constructions of finite frames. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • Finite frames are special collections of vectors utilized in Harmonic Analysis and Digital Signal Processing. In this thesis, geometric aspects and construction techniques are considered for the family of k-vector frames in Fn = Rn or Cn sharing a fixed frame operator (denoted Fk(E, Fn), where E is the Hermitian positive definite frame operator), and also the subfamily of this family obtained by fixing a list of vector lengths (denoted Fk u(E, Fn), where u is the list of lengths). The family Fk(E, Fn) is shown to be diffeomorphic to the Stiefel manifold Vn(Fk), and Fk u(E, Fn) is shown to be a smooth manifold if the list of vector lengths u satisfy certain conditions. Calculations for the dimensions of these manifolds are also performed. Finally, a new construction technique is detailed for frames in Fk(E, Fn) and Fk u(E, Fn).

publication date

  • May 2009