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Hettema, John Professor


I am Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Texas A&M Health Sciences Center and affiliate faculty member at the Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics (VIPBG) at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). As a clinician-scientist, I have participate in patient care, clinical teaching, and research activities. Before coming to TAMU in 2019, I directed the VCU Anxiety Disorders Specialty Clinic for 19 years, providing residency training and patient care via the assessment and treatment of all the major anxiety and related disorders. My research efforts focus on the epidemiology, genetics, and biology of the anxiety and related internalizing disorders. I have extensive experience applying advanced statistical genetic methodology to these questions via analyses conducted in twin, family, and population-based samples. My recent projects include conducting meta-analyses of genomewide association data on anxiety spectrum disorders (ANGST GWAS project, R01MH087646 and PGC-ANX project, R01MH113665), examining the effects of novel candidate genes derived from GWAS on internalizing psychopathology (R01MH039096), and collecting and analyzing endophenotypic measures underlying the development of internalizing disorders in a juvenile twin sample (R01MH098055). My research has been funded by NIH and private foundation grants. I am founding co-chair of the PGC-ANX Working Group which provides active collaborations with anxiety and depression researchers around the world.

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