CAREER: Wireless Network Coding: Analysis, Complexity, and Algorithms Grant uri icon


  • This project aims at transformational approaches for the design and analysis of efficient and reliable network coding schemes for wireless networks. The network coding technique has a significant potential for improving the throughput, reliability, and security of wireless networks by taking advantage of the broadcast nature of wireless medium. The research focuses on a broad range of network coding problems that arise in the context of single and multi- hop wireless networks and develops a new integrative methodology for analyzing fundamental performance characteristics of wireless network coding schemes. The goals of this research include design and analysis of efficient algorithms as well as development of novel routing and scheduling protocols and physical-layer network coding schemes.The project includes two major thrusts. The first thrust focuses on single-hop connections and considers a broad range of scenarios in which a several wireless nodes are collaborating to exchange information and perform a joint computational task. The second thrust focuses on multi-hop wireless networks and provides methodology for increasing the number of coding opportunities through efficient routing, scheduling, and congestion-control protocols.This project will significantly advance the state of the art by developing analytical tools, algorithms, and design methodology for wireless network coding systems. The methodology developed for this project will lead to improved performance of wireless systems and contribute to their overall maturity. The research outcomes of this project will be broadly disseminated to academic and industrial communities.

date/time interval

  • 2010 - 2015