Su, Yang (2013-08). Across-Peer Rate Allocation Algorithm in Peer-to-peer Networks. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • We introduce a new across-peer rate allocation algorithm with successive refinement to improve the video transmission performance in P2P networks, based on the combination of multiple description coding and network coding. Successive refinement is implemented through layered multiple description codes. The algorithm is developed to maximize the expected video quality at the receivers by partitioning video bitstream into different descriptions depending on different bandwidth conditions of each peer. Adaptive rate partition adjustment is applied to ensure the real reflection of the packet drop rate in the network. Also the granularity is changed to the scale of atomic blocks instead of stream rates in prior works. Through simulation results we show that the algorithm outperforms prior algorithms in terms of video playback quality at the peer ends, and helps the system adjust better to the peer dynamics.

ETD Chair

publication date

  • August 2013