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Bologan, Anatol Instructional Assistant Professor


My most recent series of artwork is called "Prototyping the Posthuman Self" and it consists of a set of interactive "posthuman" prototypes intended to continue my theoretical, conceptual and artistic research on the subject of posthumanism and the influence of technology on our contemporary culture. The focus of my art-based research is to develop a series of digital and interactive artworks that engage the viewer with the discourses of humanism versus technicism by immersing the viewers into a multisensory interactive space. Interdisciplinary at its core, the project engages scientific, medical and technology-based research and imaging in the fields of human anatomy, perception, neurology and computer science. It uses concepts of artificial intel?ligence and medical imaging as source material for artwork that consists of digital images, sculptures and interactive installations. The digital paintings, interactive sculptures as well as the interactive and Virtual Reality (VR) installations explore the confluence of human body, science and technology to further enquire and attempt to answer the question: "What is the Human?"

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  • Instructional Assistant Professor