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  • Nearly 90% of the total water budget is used by agriculture in the Texas High Plains and accounts for the majority ofagricultural production receipts within Texas. Using that level of groundwater resources with an increased demand for freshwater resources demands that scientifically based production gains be made in agriculture, particularly for crop production, to maintain a viable irrigated production economy. In the future this is necessary to insure that an adequate food supply is maintained for impending food demands and homeland security reasons.The majority of these anticipated gains are to be made through the development of better and userfriendlyproduction tools and applications, based on scientific data,with producer adoptionresulting inbetter overall management practice and resource utilization.This improvement willentailintegrated production activites with new crop (seed) germplasms that require different irrigation management than that of prior practice.

date/time interval

  • 2015 - 2019