I-Corps: Self-Adaptive, Ultra-Low Modulus Alloys and Devices- Grant uri icon


  • The proposed activity investigates the commercial potential of self-adaptive, ultra-low modulus alloys for biomedical implants and other technological applications. The proposed technology offers a solution to complications caused by the mismatch in elastic modulus between human bone and alloys used in conventional medical implants that lead to the loss of bone quality, possible loosening of the implant, and the reduced resistance of the bone to fracture from accidents. The proposed technology offers unprecedented advantages for orthopedic and dental implants. Considering the notable increase in the number of orthopedic implants every year and the need for longer lifetime implants due to continued increase in life expectancy and ever-decreasing age of patients receiving implants, the improvement in implant lifetime and reliability offered by the proposed technology has potential to significantly reduce both the probability of disabling injuries from accidents and the frequency and necessity for revision surgeries.

date/time interval

  • 2013 - 2015