Cornell, Stephen (2015-05). Experimental Characterization of Shape Memory Alloys using Digital Image Correlation and Infra-Red Thermography. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • Characterization of shape memory alloy materials is demonstrated using modern full-field experimental techniques. The methods presented are designed to reduce the number of experiments required for full characterization of the material. Several experiments have been explored in this work; for each type of experiment, particular attention has been given to the particular measurement methods that have been utilized. For characterization of shape memory alloys as actuators, a new experimental method has been presented as an alternative to testing multiple separate specimens or performing several experiments on the same specimen. For the actuator material experiments, temperature was measured using infra-red thermography with an accuracy of up to 2.14 ?C, and a resolution of 0.39 mm. Strain was measured using digital image correlation (DIC) with a resolution of 0.09 mm. For pseudoelastic shape memory alloy material characterization, experiments have been designed which provide data demonstrating the anisotropic behavior of the material, which are not shown by previous methods of characterization. For these experiments, the DIC measurement had a resolution of 0.08 mm. For microscopic shape memory alloy applications, particular in-situ characterization has been demonstrated which is not possible by traditional methods of characterization. DIC measurements were performed simultaneously at a micro-scale with a resolution of 0.25 ?m and at a macro-scale with a resolution of 0.022 mm. The information provided herein presents these experiments in great detail in order to demonstrate characterization methods which are currently the most reliable and efficient for analysis of shape memory alloy materials.

publication date

  • May 2015