Tang, Ruiwen (2020-01). Inclusive: A Micro Hospital with Geriatric Emergency Department. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • The project name is INCLUSIVE. The topic of the project is a Micro Hospital with Geriatric Emergency Department (GED), which focuses on older patients. The micro hospital and GED are both new healthcare concepts and respond to the specific requirements of particular patient group. Micro hospital supplies faster, easier access, and cheaper healthcare service to patients and satisfies the needs of patients and satisfies the needs of patients who do not have a severe illness but need emergency care. This fills a gap well in the healthcare design market. GED addresses the increasing trend of aging people in emergency departments and creates a better environment for older patients. This project explores how to design a geriatric emergency department tailored to older people's requirements. The form and spaces were designed to make the staff and users feel comfortable in the hospital. Two areas of concentrated focus were the facade and interior design. The translucent laminate glass panels are used in the double skin facade to create an inclusive and warm feeling.

publication date

  • January 2020