FFATA: CAREER: Systematic Multi-scale Integration of Physics-based and Data-driven Models of Distributed Resources for Enabling Ubiquitous Energy Storage Services in Restructured Power Systems Grant uri icon


  • The objective of this project is to investigate a novel modeling paradigm, which seamlessly integrates physics-based and data-driven models of distributed resources for provision of energy storage services in power systems. The approach is to (1) define key interaction variables for distributed resources which allow modularity and spatio-temporal aggregation; (2) introduce a multi-layered structure-preserving model of power systems; (3) formulate performance-based regulation pricing, which, combined with energy pricing, aligns economic incentives with technical performances of various energy storage providers; and (4) test the proposed modeling and operating algorithms using real-world data. Intellectual Merit (1) This modeling framework rests on the key idea of identifying internal and interaction variables, which allows modular integration of both physics-based and data driven models of distributed resources. (2) A unifying concept of multi-scale energy storage services will be introduced, which is built upon the interaction variables at different temporal granularity. (3) A performance-based frequency regulation market design will be formulated and tested, which aligns economic incentives with the technical performances of energy storage providers. Broader Impact This project will have transformative impact on engineering sustainable electricity services of the future. A multidisciplinary course on engineering and economics of electric energy systems will be offered to students at Texas A&M and Prairie View A&M. The PI will mentor undergraduate students, in particular under-represented groups, to develop a smart phone-based application to raise students? interest in electric energy. As the founding advisor, the PI will actively participate in community outreach activities organized by Texas A&M Energy Club.

date/time interval

  • 2012 - 2018