Determining watershed sources of DOC, DIN, DON and PO4-P to urban and rural surface waters Grant uri icon


  • Dissolved organic carbon, organic nitrogen and orthophosphate-P are significantly increased in urban and rural streams and rivers without point source sewage effluent inputs compared to forested streams and rivers. This suggests that either the watershed soil mechanisms for carbon and nutrient cycling are compromised in urban and rural watersheds or that there are a previously undocumented sources of carbon and nutrients in urban watersheds that are transported to surface waters. This research will seek to identify previously unidentified sources of carbon and nutrients in urban and water watersheds. Preliminary research suggests that use of diffuse reflectance UV-near infrared spectroscopy (DR-NIRS) can be used successfully in ecological research. Near infrared spectroscopy, is a proven and useful tool for quantifying quality in manufacturing. We will develop methods for quantification of biodegradable, refractory dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen and PO4-P in surface waters and soil solution. The resultant methods will be used to test the efficacy for quantifying sources of DOC, DON and PO4-P in urban watersheds.

date/time interval

  • 2015 - 2020