Kim, Jong-Chae (2003-05). The effects of work experiences and institutional support on job satisfaction among NCAA coaches. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • The primary purposes of this study were to explore the relationships among four work experiences (i.e., job variety, job autonomy, job stress, and job feedback) and coaches?? job satisfaction to examine the influence of institutional support (i.e., affective institutional support and financial institutional support) on job satisfaction, and to investigate if the relationship between the type of institutional support and job satisfaction differs (does not differ) between revenue generating sport coaches and non-revenue-generating sport coaches. To achieve these purposes this study examined the relationships among four work experiences and institutional support variables on job satisfaction. This study also examined differences between revenue-generating sport and non-revenue-generating sport coaches. Coaches (N = 599) in 7 sports (i.e., football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and tennis) from NCAA Division I schools were asked to participate in this study. The response rate was a 34.7 % (208 / 599). Participants included 145 males and 63 females. Of the 208 completed and returned questionnaires, 100 (48.1%) were from revenue sport coaches (i.e., football and basketball). Meanwhile, 108 (51.9 %) were from non-revenue sport coaches. The results indicated that job variety, job stress, job feedback, affective institutional support, and financial institutional support were significantly related to job satisfaction. Namely, these three job experiences and two types of institutional support in the organizational environment impacted coaches?? attitudes, or job satisfaction. Further, for revenue generating sport coaches, financial institutional support was a significant indicator of job satisfaction; however, for non-revenue-generating sport coaches, affective institutional support held a stronger relationship to job satisfaction than did financial institutional support. Additionally, one of the job experience variables, job feedback, played a meaningful role to both coaches of revenue sports and coaches of nonrevenue sports in shaping job satisfaction.

publication date

  • May 2003