Sowell, Morgan M (2014-12). Diagnosis and Assessment of Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Symptom Severity and Performance on Cognitive and Achievement Testing. Doctoral Dissertation. Thesis uri icon


  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is typically diagnosed in childhood with the individual continuing to exhibit behavioral patterns associated with ADHD throughout their lifespan. Deficits in the ability to inhibit impulse control are a hallmark of ADHD in children and adults. This research study looks at the relationship of a common inhibitory control measure Conners' Continuous Performance Test - II (CCPT-II) and its relationship to self and observer reports of ADHD symptoms, cognitive ability, and achievement scores. This study included 103 adult male and female individuals who were found to meet DSM-IV-TR criteria for ADHD through full individual assessments conducted at a doctoral training clinic located at a major university. Results of this study do not indicate a strong relationship between the CCPT-II and behavior rating scales, cognitive ability, and achievement. This study did find that self-report of ADHD behaviors related to inattention, memory, and self-concept were associated with achievement scores. It was also found that self and observer reports of ADHD behaviors were highly correlated. Within one area related to impulsivity and emotional regulation, observers were more likely to rate the individual as more severe than the individual rated themselves.

publication date

  • December 2014