Assessment and Monitoring of Biodiversity: Impacts of Habitat Loss and Fragmentation and Climate Change. Grant uri icon


  • Growing human populations and increasing per capita consumption have placed increasing demands on our natural resources. Major threats to our natural biological resources include habitat loss, fragmentation, and the increasing impacts of climate change (Lacher and Roach 2018). This has resulted in increasing pressures on biodiversity and the ecosystem services that they provide (Turner et al., 2007, Schipper et al., 2008; Hoffmann et al., 2010). The number of areas set aside for the protection of native flora and fauna is likely peaking as demands for land for agriculture and development increase. Therefore, future conservation will require a careful assessment of the status of biodiversity on mixed-use landscapes. These populations need to be monitored over time to track the effectiveness of conservation interventions. Finally, these data need to be integrated with landscape patterns, economic drivers, and conservation threats to effectively prioritize and plan conservation actions and integrate the needs of private lands stakeholders and conservation with national and international policies.

date/time interval

  • 2018 - 2023