Owens, Garrett Reese 1987- (2012-12). Design Considerations for Monopile Founded Offshore Wind Turbines Subject to Breaking Waves. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • The majority of offshore wind farms utilize monopile substructures. As these wind farms are typically located in water depths less than 30 meters, the effect of breaking waves on these structures is of great concern to design engineers. This research investigation examines many of the practical considerations and alternative ways of estimating breaking wave forces. A survey of existing European wind farms is used to establish a realistic range of basic design parameters. Based upon this information a parametric study was pursued and a series of realistic design scenarios were evaluated. Comparisons include the sensitivity to the wave force model as well as to analytical and numerical wave theories used to evaluate the wave kinematics. In addition, the effect of different kinematics stretching techniques for linear waves is addressed. Establishing whether the bathymetry will induce spilling or plunging wave breaking is critical. Spilling wave breaking can be addressed using existing wave and wave force theories; however for plunging wave breaking an additional impact force must be introduced. Dimensionless design curves are used to display pertinent trends across the full range of design cases considered. This research study provides insight into the evaluation of the maximum breaking wave forces and overturning moment for both spilling and plunging breaking waves as a function of bottom slope.

publication date

  • December 2012