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  • The Advanced Discretization Techniques and Applications (ADTA) workshop will be held at Texas A&M University, May 11-15, 2015. During the last few decades, finite element methods (FEM) have come to be among the most important tools for numerically approximating solutions of partial differential equations. FEM are a powerful research tool in subsurface engineering, structural engineering, failure analysis, earthquake engineering, progressive collapse, biophysics, electromagnetics, acoustics, solar and fuel cell, batteries, and material sciences, to mention but a few. Despite considerable work on their analysis, many aspects of the method continue to be improved. The novel techniques allow us to pursue comprehensive understanding and reliability of the numerical results, to improve the accuracy, reduce computational costs, and guarantee product credibility. The objective of this workshop is to bring researchers working on advanced discretization techniques and multiscale algorithms and promote interaction among these different groups. By bringing these researchers together, we expect to have an impact in many areas and promote progress in designing efficient multiscale discretization techniques for a wide range of problems. By holding this conference at Texas A&M University, a university traditionally strong in engineering and natural sciences, we expect to disseminate the know-how to researchers not only in mathematics, but also in other disciplines. We will actively pursue participation by non-mathematicians. This conference will therefore help researchers and practitioners improve their theoretical tools and deepen their knowledge of modern trends in numerical analysis.The workshop will cover a range of topics in finite element methods (FEM) and applications. Recent advances in finite element methodologies, in particular, the discontinuous Galerkin method (DG-FEM), weak Galerkin finite element methods (WG-FEM), and multiscale methods, will be some of the central workshop topics. The workshop will bring together researchers working on various finite element discretization techniques and multiscale methods and promote interaction among different groups.

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  • 2015