Efficient Low Cost Conjugated Polymeric Materials for Solar Energy Grant uri icon


  • Current energy related materials and devices are plagued with issues of poor performance and many are known to be extremely damaging to the environment. Energy is currently a vital global issue given the likely depletion of current resources (fossil fuels) coupled with the demand for higher-performance energy systems. Such systems require the advantages of portability and energy efficiency whilst being environmentally friendly; this area of research is no doubt under constant strain, where advances and interest concerning the applicability of new and novel materials are required. The pursuit of renewable energy sources, with low carbon emissions, such as solar energy is therefore a critical objective for our future. Next generation energy materials must be based on newly developed nanostructured materials/technology and must combine low-cost production technologies. Structure and function creation and modulation of materials are of great scientific interest and importance. Recently, solar cells based on organic active materials have been developed, which have the potential to allow less expensive manufacturing processes to create large quantities of much larger area panels, thus potentially increasing the energy supply from this technology, and thereby advancing its competitiveness with fossil fuels. In this proposed research program, we aim to teach the students how to use processed engineering and integrated side chain engineering approaches to improve the solution processability into the already synthesized ladder polymers, these polymers they have already shown to possess superior optical and electrical properties. Moreover, the PIĆ¢ s will encourage the students to participate in creative thinking, to make them appreciate the intellectual stimulus and rewards stemming from their work, and to help them become the next generation leaders through Integrated education and research.

date/time interval

  • 2017 - 2018