Dewald, Stacey (2016-12). Identifying Texas Landowners' Preferred Communication Channels, Motivations, and Barriers to Adopting Best Management Practices Related to Watershed Based Plans. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • This study assessed Texas landowners' preferred communication channels and barriers to and motivation for water quality best management practice adoption. Data was collected from 275 landowners in the Little River watershed in Texas. Results show that landowners prefer to receive information regarding water quality levels, specific conservation practices, and policy information, through direct mailings, four times a year. They currently receive water-related information from industry groups, government agencies, and friends and neighbors, but have higher trustworthiness in Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and industry groups. Overall, landowners were influenced by economic profitability, improving land for future generations, and their personal values and connection with the land to adopt best management practices. Landowners reported barriers to adopting best management practices to include the following: being unsure of government regulations, initial costs of implementing practices, maintenance costs, lack of information about effectiveness of practices, and a lack of information about incentive programs.

publication date

  • December 2016