Garza, Marco E (2015-04). A Delphi Study to Identify the Characteristics of Person-Organizational Fit and Job Satisfaction of Managerial Coaching by Executives and Entrepreneurs. Doctoral Dissertation. Thesis uri icon


  • The purpose of this study was to identify characteristics of person-organizational fit and job satisfaction that emerge as a result of the use of managerial coaching by organizational leaders. Previous studies have examined coaching impacts on coaching tools, techniques and processes. However, even fewer research studies that exist focus on what constitutes effective coaching. To accomplish this, a Delphi panel of 19 successful executives and entrepreneurs from across the country was utilized. This research used a computer-based Delphi technique. The first round was open-ended. Panelists were asked to answer two research questions. Those items were then put into common themes and sent out for rankings on a 4 point Likert scale for Round 2. Panelists were also given another opportunity to add items to the list during Round 2. Round 3 asked panelists to review their rankings, group rankings and standard deviations. Then they were given an opportunity to change their rankings or keep them the same. A consensus was established on items that were rated above the 90th percentile for a given indicated score. Through this study, a total of 13 items met consensus on the two research questions. Many of the items that met consensus had trust and communication as the core elements. Among the highest ranking items was building trust, demonstrating employee value, change management, performance improvement, employee commitment, and innovation. Among the recommendations, based on the consensus items, illustrate the need for organizational leaders to embrace the power of effective managerial coaching. Future research suggests the need to study the impacts of successful managerial coaching from the perspective of the employee.

publication date

  • May 2015