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Allgood, Kristi Assistant Professor


Dr. Kristi Allgood is a trained Social Epidemiologist with more than a decade of field experience working as a Social Epidemiologist at a research institute nested in a safety-net hospital located on the west side of Chicago. Allgood's fieldwork focused on examining racial and ethnic health disparities in small areas of Chicago, developing and evaluating programs focused on breast cancer, HIV, STIs and hepatitis C, and incorporating community health workers/navigators in the hospital as well as in the community. Dr. Allgood's work in Chicago has strongly influenced her primary research examining the causes of health disparities by focusing on policies and laws that have contributed to poor health outcomes in all phases of life. Dr. Allgood has been working on examining issues such as rural/urban differences in access to care during the COVID-19 pandemic in Michigan and the relationship between social vulnerability and COVID-related mobility disability. Dr. Allgood's most recent work involved the measurement of structural racism and its association with various health outcomes such as birth outcomes, mortality, and disability.

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