Fluid characterization and identification of optimal miscible CO2 injection conditions for EOR Grant uri icon


  • The aim of this project, is to first perform fluid characterization of an oil sample that is obtained from a Middle Eastern reservoir. Then, identify the minimum miscibility pressure (MMP) for CO2 injection and the effect of CO2 on the reservoir oil properties by conducting swelling test as well as investigating other properties of the CO2-oil mixtures. The outcomes of this project will help in decreasing the uncertainty associated with the performance prediction of miscible EOR projects in Qatar. In addition, the results can serve as the base for any CO2 sequestration-EOR projects as a step towards decreasing the greenhouse effect in Qatar. That is because the proposed project covers the part of a CO2 sequestration-EOR project, which is the fluid-fluid interaction part.

date/time interval

  • 2019 - 2021