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  • What is the current issue or problem that the research addresses and why does it need to be researched? When answering this question consider a perspective that goes beyond the primary end-users of the science you are conducting. Why is this topic important to the larger community in terms of economics, community and environment as well as agriculture?In five Texas researched sites, a sample of 3rd grade students revealed that 45% - 54% of students were overweight or obese. Risks of obesity include lower school attendance, increased risk of being teased, bullied, and developing Type 2 Diabetes during childhood (Warren et al., 2012). Exposing children to proper nutrition and exercise at an early age will influence their dietary and excercise choices later in life. New research documents significant social and ecomnic consequences of being overweight since high school.2. What basic methods and approaches will be used to collect and produce data/results and subsequently inform target audiences? This should be different from your objectives list. Do NOT copy and paste the same text here. This section should explain, in plain, non-technical language what you intend to do.Youth will be given surveys at the beginning and end of the program year. Parents will receive a post survey at the end of the program year. Youth BMI will be measured at the beginning of the school year they participate in the program, at the end of school year, and again the following September.Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service disseminates project accomplishments and outcomes to the community and academic stakeholders by way of the TAMU Agrilife Extension Website, Texas AgriLife Today, TAMU AgriLife listserv, Texas Association of Educators (TAE), 4-H Pipeline Newsletter, and various social media outlets. TAMU AgriLife Extension submits information in the form of an impact report. The report includes pertinent information such as, youth reach, desired outcomes, quotes from participants, and future opportunities. This report will be shared with both internal and external partners.3. Through the methods mentioned above, what ultimate goals does the project hope to achieve and what is the general impact expected to be if this goal is met? What societal benefits may be realized?Through the methods mentioned above, the programs goal is to improve the health and increase knowledge of healthy food and nutrition to all participants. Through those efforts and sustainability effort, the program hopes to provide community based opportunities to continue the learning and improve overall health and nutrition in the community.

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  • 2017 - 2021