Multiplicity dependence of inclusive p(t) spectra from p-p collisions at root s=200 GeV Academic Article uri icon


  • We report measurements of transverse momentum pt spectra for ten event multiplicity classes of p-p collisions at s=200GeV. By analyzing the multiplicity dependence we find that the spectrum shape can be decomposed into a part with amplitude proportional to multiplicity and described by a Lvy distribution on transverse mass mt, and a part with amplitude proportional to multiplicity squared and described by a Gaussian distribution on transverse rapidity yt. The functional forms of the two parts are nearly independent of event multiplicity. The two parts can be identified with the soft and hard components of a two-component model of p-p collisions. This analysis then provides the first isolation of the hard component of the pt spectrum as a distribution of simple form on yt. 2006 The American Physical Society.

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  • Adams, J., Aggarwal, M. M., Ahammed, Z., Amonett, J., Anderson, B. D., Anderson, M., ... Zuo, J. X.

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  • Adams, J||Aggarwal, MM||Ahammed, Z||Amonett, J||Anderson, BD||Anderson, M||Arkhipkin, D||Averichev, GS||Bai, Y||Balewski, J||Barannikova, O||Barnby, LS||Baudot, J||Bekele, S||Belaga, VV||Bellingeri-Laurikainen, A||Bellwied, R||Benedosso, F||Bezverkhny, BI||Bhardwaj, S||Bhasin, A||Bhati, AK||Bichsel, H||Bielcik, J||Bielcikova, J||Bland, LC||Blyth, CO||Blyth, S-L||Bonner, BE||Botje, M||Bouchet, J||Brandin, AV||Bravar, A||Bystersky, M||Cadman, RV||Cai, XZ||Caines, H||de la Barca Sanchez, M Calderon||Castillo, J||Catu, O||Cebra, D||Chajecki, Z||Chaloupka, P||Chattopadhyay, S||Chen, HF||Chen, JH||Chen, Y||Cheng, J||Cherney, M||Chikanian, A||Choi, HA||Christie, W||Coffin, JP||Cormier, TM||Cosentino, MR||Cramer, JG||Crawford, HJ||Das, D||Das, S||Daugherity, M||de Moura, MM||Dedovich, TG||DePhillips, M||Derevschikov, AA||Didenko, L||Dietel, T||Djawotho, P||Dogra, SM||Dong, WJ||Dong, X||Draper, JE||Du, F||Dunin, VB||Dunlop, JC||Mazumdar, MR Dutta||Eckardt, V||Edwards, WR||Efimov, LG||Emelianov, V||Engelage, J||Eppley,

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  • August 2006