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Bell, Jourdan Associate Professor and Extension Specialist


My Extension and Research efforts focus on agronomic management to improve crop production and profitability on the Texas High Plains. Extension activities include assisting County Extension Agents with demonstration trials as well as compiling and presenting results for regional producers through trial reports and county programs. Research activities target varietal selection as well as changing agronomic practices in sorghum (grain and forage), wheat, cotton, and corn systems on the Texas High Plains as a result of declining regional groundwater levels. I also evaluate herbicide efficacy in corn and sorghum production with a special emphasis on herbicide residual effects and rotational restrictions. Specific research activities target water stress in dryland and irrigated corn and sorghum production; and optimization of fermentation time of forage sorghums to improve varietal selection and nutritive qualities of ensiled forage sorghums.

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  • Associate Professor and Extension Specialist