Collaborative Research: Ridge-runnel post-storm beach recovery - hydrodynamics, sediment transport and morphology Grant uri icon


  • Funds are provided for the project to investigate the hydrodynamics and sediment transport processes associated with migrating ridge and runnel systems. Novel insitu techniques developed from wave flume experiments will be combined with remote sensing methods to quantify sheet flow, suspended sediment transport, and morphodynamic response in a ridge and runnel system in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Results will be used to test the hypothesis that sheet flow processes dominate ridge and runnel migration, and to develop a comprehensive understanding of the morphologic evolution of these systems from inception through attachment to the beach. This research may lead to improved management of beach erosion and recovery. The project will support a PhD student (with recruitment targeted towards underrepresented minorities) and two undergraduate students. The PIs will construct and train teachers to operate a portable flume for use in three Texas high schools participating in the ?Beach in a Classroom? program. Project results will be incorporated into public outreach activities in Texas and Delaware.

date/time interval

  • 2013 - 2017