Boujnikh, Aicha (2019-11). Artistic Reconstruction and Visualization Uncertainty. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • In this thesis, we present an approach to create artworks and animation through design principles used for uncertainty visualization. To demonstrate this approach, we use 3D models with reflective surfaces to simplify the rendering process. The creation of these works uses 3D computer graphics to develop these works of art according to research on uncertainty visualization and sculptural art. In the first stage, we develop a work flow to create 3D objects that is computationally inexpensive to allow for quicker iterations throughout the process. In the second stage, we take a look at color mixing and using environment maps to better reflect colors off the 3D objects. In the third stage, we composite 20 layers of separate 3D objects together to obtain a final result. As shown in images and animations, this three-stage process creates an illusion of multiple transparent objects. The results create a beautiful and interesting new type of artwork.

publication date

  • November 2019