Flight toward Sustainability in Poultry Nutrition with Black Soldier Fly Larvae. Academic Article uri icon


  • Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL), Hermetia illucens (L.) (Diptera: Stratiomyidae), have emerged as a promising feed ingredient in broiler chicken diets, known for their high protein content, nutritional richness, and environmental sustainability. This review examines the effects of integrating BSFL into broiler feeds, focusing on aspects such as growth performance, nutrient digestibility, physiological responses, and immune health. The ability of BSFL to transform waste into valuable biomass rich in proteins and lipids underscores their efficiency and ecological benefits. Protein levels in BSFL can range from 32% to 53%, varying with growth stage and diet, offering a robust source of amino acids essential for muscle development and growth in broilers. While the chitin in BSFL poses questions regarding digestibility, the overall impact on nutrient utilization is generally favorable. The inclusion of BSFL in diets has been shown to enhance growth rates, feed efficiency, and carcass quality in broilers, with the larvae's balanced amino acid profile being particularly advantageous for muscle development. BSFL may also support gut health and immunity in broilers due to its bioactive components, potentially influencing the gut's microbial composition and enhancing nutrient absorption and overall health. Moreover, the capacity of BSFL to efficiently convert organic waste into protein highlights their role as an environmentally sustainable protein source for broiler nutrition. Nonetheless, further research is necessary to fully understand the long-term effects of BSFL, ideal inclusion rates, and the impact of varying larval diets and rearing conditions. It is crucial for poultry producers to consult nutritionists and comply with local regulations when incorporating new feed ingredients like BSFL into poultry diets.

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  • Animals (Basel)

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  • Salahuddin, M. d., Abdel-Wareth, A., Hiramatsu, K., Tomberlin, J. K., Luza, D., & Lohakare, J.

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  • Salahuddin, Md||Abdel-Wareth, Ahmed AA||Hiramatsu, Kohzy||Tomberlin, Jeffery K||Luza, Daylan||Lohakare, Jayant

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  • February 2024