Sarma, Anurupa (2012-08). Quantum codes over Finite Frobenius Rings. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • It is believed that quantum computers would be able to solve complex problems more quickly than any other deterministic or probabilistic computer. Quantum computers basically exploit the rules of quantum mechanics for speeding up computations. However, building a quantum computer remains a daunting task. A quantum computer, as in any quantum mechanical system, is susceptible to decohorence of quantum bits resulting from interaction of the stored information with the environment. Error correction is then required to restore a quantum bit, which has changed due to interaction with external state, to a previous non-erroneous state in the coding subspace. Until now the methods for quantum error correction were mostly based on stabilizer codes over finite fields. The aim of this thesis is to construct quantum error correcting codes over finite Frobenius rings. We introduce stabilizer codes over quadratic algebra, which allows one to use the hamming distance rather than some less known notion of distance. We also develop propagation rules to build new codes from existing codes. Non binary codes have been realized as a gray image of linear Z4 code, hence the most natural class of ring that is suitable for coding theory is given by finite Frobenius rings as it allow to formulate the dual code similar to finite fields. At the end we show some examples of code construction along with various results of quantum codes over finite Frobenius rings, especially codes over Zm.

publication date

  • August 2012