Extraction of the width of the W boson from measurements of (ppW+X)B(We) and (ppZ+X)B(Zee) and their ratio Academic Article uri icon


  • We report on measurements on inclusive cross sections times branching fractions into electrons for W and Z bosons produced in pp collisions at s=1.8 TeV. From an integrated luminosity of 84.5 pb-1 recorded in 1994-1995 using the D detector at the Fermilab Tevatron, we determine (ppW+X)B(We) = 231010(stat)50(syst)100(lum)pb and (ppZ+X)B(Zee)=2213(stat)4(syst) 10(lum) pb. From these, we derive (ppW+X)B(We)/(ppZ+X) B(Zee)=10.430.15(stat) 0.20(syst)0.10(NLO), B(We)=0.10440.0015(stat)0.0020(syst)0. 0017(theory)0.0010(NLO), and W=2.1690.031(stat)0.042(syst)0.041(theory) 0.022(NLO)GeV. We use the latter to set a 95% confidence level upper limit on the partial decay width of the W boson into nonstandard model final states, Winv, of 0.213 GeV. Combining these results with those from the 1992-1993 data gives (ppW+X) B(We)/(ppZ+X)B(Zee)=10. 510.25,W=2.1520.066 GeV, and a 95% C.L. upper limit on Winv of 0.191 GeV. Using a sample with a luminosity of 505 nb-1 taken at s=630 GeV, we measure (ppW+X)B(We)=65867 pb. 2000 The American Physical Society.

published proceedings

  • Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology

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  • Abbott, B., Abolins, M., Abramov, V., Acharya, B. S., Adam, I., Adams, D. L., ... Flattum, E.

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  • Abbott, B||Abolins, M||Abramov, V||Acharya, BS||Adam, I||Adams, DL||Adams, M||Ahn, S||Akimov, V||Alves, GA||Amos, N||Anderson, EW||Baarmand, MM||Babintsev, VV||Babukhadia, L||Baden, A||Baldin, B||Banerjee, S||Bantly, J||Barberis, E||Baringer, P||Bartlett, JF||Belyaev, A||Beri, SB||Bertram, I||Bezzubov, VA||Bhat, PC||Bhatnagar, V||Bhattacharjee, M||Blazey, G||Blessing, S||Bloom, P||Boehnlein, A||Bojko, NI||Borcherding, F||Boswell, C||Brandt, A||Breedon, R||Briskin, G||Brock, R||Bross, A||Buchholz, D||Burtovoi, VS||Butler, JM||Carvalho, W||Casey, D||Casilum, Z||Castilla-Valdez, H||Chakraborty, D||Chekulaev, SV||Chen, W||Choi, S||Chopra, S||Choudhary, BC||Christenson, JH||Chung, M||Claes, D||Clark, AR||Cobau, WG||Cochran, J||Coney, L||Cooper, WE||Coppage, D||Cretsinger, C||Cullen-Vidal, D||Cummings, MAC||Cutts, D||Dahl, OI||Davis, K||De, K||Del Signore, K||Demarteau, M||Denisov, D||Denisov, SP||Diehl, HT||Diesburg, M||Di Loreto, G||Draper, P||Ducros, Y||Dudko, LV||Dugad, SR||Dyshkant, A||Edmunds, D||Ellison, J||Elvira, VD||Engelmann, R||Eno, S||Eppley, G||Ermolov, P||Eroshin, OV||Evans, H||Evdokimov, VN||Fahland, T||Fatyga, MK||Feher, S||Fein, D||Ferbel, T||Fisk, HE||Fisyak, Y||Flattum, E

publication date

  • April 2000