Zahra, Sabahat (2017-08). Characterization of a Wheat Mapping Population for Growth Pattern and Studying Staygreen Wheat Canopy Using Multispectral UAV Images. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • Uniform tiller distribution and plant architecture are crucial traits that are directly linked to the length of vegetative and reproductive phases. Minimum vegetative growth and an earlier synchronized flowering pattern result in a prolonged grain filling period. In determinate plants, minimum vegetative growth leads to sustained photosynthesis during the grain filling phase and produces sufficient assimilates to maximize size and weight of grains. Indeterminate growth has undesirable attributes including a sustained sequence of tillers and non-uniform flowering which lead to variation in maturity. Therefore, an indeterminate tillering pattern is not advantageous for harvesting. In this study, UAV multispectral imagery was used to monitor spectral reflectance patterns of plants at post flowering stages. Determinate plants with staygreen phenotypes showed a low rate of senescence and produced high grain yield in contrast to indeterminate lines. A positive correlation was seen between grain yield and vegetation indices such as NDVI, GNDVI and NIR/Green ratio at all reproductive stages.

publication date

  • August 2017