A Compact Hall-Effect-Sensing 6-DOF Precision Positioner Academic Article uri icon


  • This paper presents the design, control, and implementation of a compact high-precision multidimensional positioner. A 1.52-kg single levitated moving part, named as the platen, generates all six-axis fine and coarse motions, resulting in a reliable and effective positioning system. Three laser distance sensors are used to measure its vertical translational motion and x- and y-axis rotational motion. Three two-axis Hall-effect sensors are used to determine its lateral motions and rotational motion about the z-axis by measuring the magnetic flux density generated by a magnet matrix. Real-time control is implemented on a Linux-based operating system, Real-Time Application Interface (RTAI) with COntrol and MEasurement Device Interface (Comedi) and Comedi libraries. A maximum travel of 220 mm in the x-direction and 200mm in the y-direction, and a rotation angle of 18.6° about the z-axis were achieved experimentally. A maximum velocity of 0.3 m/s with an acceleration of 3.6 m/s 2 was obtained in the y-direction. Step responses the demonstrated a 10-μm resolution and 6-μ m rms noise in the translational mode. This compact single-moving-part positioner is suitable for use in precision-positioning systems, e.g., in semiconductor manufacturing. © 2010 IEEE.

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  • Yu, H. o., & Kim, W.

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  • June 2010